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Long-time Social Justice Activist and Agency co-founder Jen Angel in Critical Condition in Oakland

Updated February 9, 2023 [Originally posted February 8, 2023]

Update as of 7:00pmPT, Feb 9th, 2023: Update from Family and Friends of Jen Angel: “Oakland Community Leader and Bakery Owner, Jen Angel Has Died”. Read the full statement here.

Press release available here with the latest updates as of 4:30pmPT Feb 9th, 2023.

Long-time social justice activist, dear friend, and co-founder of Agency is in the hospital in critical condition after being attacked in a robbery in Oakland, CA. Oaklandside and other media outlets have reported the story. A communication posted by friends on a Caring Bridge site includes further information, including this excerpt:

“For any of you who haven’t heard, Jen was severely injured during a robbery on Feb. 6th in downtown Oakland. She sustained severe injuries and was taken to Highland trauma unit. She is receiving great care. 

Jen was initially stable when she reached the hospital, but her brain bleeding and swelling increased to the point that she was rushed to emergency surgery several hours after the incident. The surgery was extensive. The surgeon was unable to alleviate the swelling, and at this point it is unclear whether Jen is going to regain consciousness or full functioning. Jen is currently on life support, and there may be no clarity about her prognosis for several days.

At this point, we encourage people to reach out to each other for support, and to create their own small gatherings with their own close people. Please also notify people who may not yet know.

Please don’t come to the hospital; she isn’t allowed any additional visitors. Please explore this site [Caring Bridge] for ways you can lend support.

Much love, and please hold Jen in your heart.”

Over the last 30 years, Jen has been a visionary influence and pioneering participant within multiple movements and sub-cultures that have significantly informed and shaped the world in the here and now, from punk rock and anarchism in the 1990’s through the Global Justice and anti-war movements of the early 2000’s to Occupy in 2011 and the contemporary fights for racial justice, climate justice, economic justice, and beyond.

Anarchist, community organizer, and independent media activist, Jen founded or worked with projects including Clamor, Aid & Abet, the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, and Agency, to name only a few. Before she left Agency at the end of 2017, she was critical in establishing the project and making the work we do today possible.

GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help meet expenses resulting from the attack, including medical care for Jen, support during this transition for her partner Ocean in covering household and related expenses, for her mom in covering travel and living expenses, and to keep her business, Angel Cakes bakery, running.

Agency will continue to post here on Jen’s situation and how to support her and her friends and family in this difficult time.

More on Jen’s work and past projects is documented here and here.

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Watch the tribute to Jen Angel on 2/9/23 episode of Democracy Now!

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