NY Times Rejects LTE in Response to Editorial Slandering Anarchists and Propping Up Right Wing Attacks on the Left

Agency submitted the following letter to the editor (LTE) to the NY Times on October 2. They did not reply.

Subject:     Re: The Truth About Today’s Anarchists
Date:     Fri, 2 Oct 2020 09:31:53 -0700
To:     letters@nytimes.com

Dear Editor,

“The Truth About Today’s Anarchists,” (09/30/2020) not only failed at the truth, but also failed to educate us about anarchism. The Times chose to repeat the tired sentiments of a president determined to criminalize the left. By echoing the animus of the Trump administration, your coverage serves to sow greater political division with very real consequences. The real truth about today’s anarchists is that we hold many different perspectives and embrace a multitude of strategies and tactics for advancing social change. From Occupy Wall Street to mutual aid in response to disasters like COVID-19, contemporary anarchists have shaped our society for the better. Anarchists cannot be defined as simply “insurrectionary.” We work in many different movements, industries, sectors, and communities, including at The New York Times. Ultimately, anarchists believe that a truly equitable world will be possible when we free ourselves from oppressive institutions and social structures like capitalism and the state. We are allies of all who struggle for a world free from racism, fascism, patriarchy, and other forms of oppression.


Agency, an Anarchist PR Project

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