AntiStasis: Feb 1st Call to Action: Demand Mass Clemency on “National Freedom Day”

Abolition is the road, clemency is the vehicle, now is the time.

January 7, 2021

[UPDATE: Check out the Feb 1st COVID Clemency Caravan and Day of Action organizing and media kit to start plugging in]

As supporters of the #CagingCOVID campaign, the Antistasis Project is calling for decentralized actions on February 1st across the so-called United States, and internationally, in support of mass clemency for people held in jails, prisons and detention centers.

Reports updated as of January 8, 2021 show over 329,298  prisoners have gotten the virus, and more than 2,020 died as a result of it. The pandemic has resulted in prisons and jails abusing isolation more than ever before. Social distance is necessary but solitary confinement is torture.

Crowded quarters, a lack of PPE, inadequate medical care, an aging population, and unsanitary conditions have contributed to an infection rate 5.5 times higher than the already ballooned average in the U.S.

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