Big Door Brigade: Mutual Aid Toolbox

Mutual Aid Toolbox

Big Door Brigade, 2017

We cannot rely on the government to provide what people need, especially when vulnerable people are under attack by government agencies and agents. One very important type of work that should be taken up right now is mutual aid projects—projects that help materially support people facing some of the worst dangers like eviction, deportation, criminalization, poverty, isolation and violence. Building projects aimed at increasing safety, decreasing harm, and meeting essential needs is urgent right now. It is a way to get people who are newly mobilized to participate, and a way to build the infrastructure we need to decrease harm now, and to prepare for future natural and political disasters and the eroding of infrastructure.

This list is still in formation. We would love your help to expand it. It includes concrete tools for starting mutual aid projects and for maintaining them. Please send us resources that you would like to add to this list at bigdoorbrigade at gmail dot com. (We are not including general articles, videos and other education pieces that help to understand an issue. This list focuses specifically on models and tools for starting mutual aid projects.)

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