Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone: Frequently Asked Questions

I want to head down to CHAZ, what should I bring?
The occupation at CHAZ is looking for: – Clothes: belts, shirts and pants – Cigarettes + lighters – Lanterns / headlamps – Portable Solar Chargers – Gatorade or electrolyte powder – Backpacks and reuseable bags – TENTS! and other sleeping materials – Tracfone Minutes Card – Body lotion – shoes – bedding – zip ties – folding chairs – laundry bags – personal fans – body wash – disinfectant – sunglasses

Can I bring my kids?
Anyone is allowed in CHAZ but remember, this is protesting ground. If you would not take your child to a protest, it’s best you don’t take them here. CHAZ is safe but there are fascists and police officers looking to stir things up.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes but they need to be leashed!

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