Eglė Radžiūtė: 4 Single Ladies Buy One House, Transform It Into The Pinnacle Of Co-Living And A Kid’s Paradise

BoredPanda | March 19, 2022

There’s not many of us who’ve not shared a living space with someone, whether that’d be our parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents, roommates, or a guy named Dave. Dave, you still haven’t returned the socks you borrowed, FYI, but I digress. Considering the ever-rising house and rent prices, people are continuously trying to find ways of not camping for the rest of their lives, and sometimes the solution is to find a housemate.

But sometimes it goes from one single housemate to four, with children, and that’s when things start getting interesting. A friend duo of Holly and Herrin, both single moms, came up with the best idea of cohabiting and invited 2 other ladies to join in on their adventure. The ingenious idea has caught our fancy, and thus, here is their story!

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