It’s Going Down: Eric King Faces Retaliation And Bullying From Bureau Of Prisons As He Takes The Stand To Defend Himself

March 18, 2022

As anarchist political prisoner Eric King goes to trial, the Bureau of Prisons attempts to retaliate and bully him.

Denver — On day three of the trial of political prisoner Eric King, it came to light that the cell he is being held in at FCI Englewood was flooded, destroying his personal property and legal documents. Attorney Sarah Alvarez, a member of King’s legal defense team, relayed to presiding Judge Martinez that the corrections officers at the facility communicated to Mr. King that they had observed a bird fly into his cell, a guard had to chase it, and somehow toilet paper ended up in the slightly leaking sink, causing the flood damage. Judge Martinez made a statement to the court that he had never seen such issues in all his years on the bench and that it is far reaching to say it was not intentional on the part of the Bureau. “Now a bird is being blamed? The BOP is setting itself up for a civil lawsuit,” Judge Martinez noted.

When questioned by Judge Martinez, Zachary Huffman, attorney for the Bureau of Prisons, attempted to insinuate that Mr. King himself had flooded his cell, destroying his own property.

The story of modern-day prison abuse is exemplified in the case of Eric King. King is 5’6’, a father and a husband serving a ten-year sentence in federal custody. Two years ago, in FCI Florence, a federal prison in Colorado, a guard took King to a storage closet, alone, and beat him with closed fists. Even though this prison guard’s violence was not video-recorded and only King and the guard were present during the altercation, other prison employees fell in line to try and undermine King’s self-defense claim.

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