Karetelnik: Spain: Ongoing wave of repression against anarchists

Spain: Ongoing wave of repression against anarchists
Karetelnik, Libcom.org, Apr 5, 2015

Twenty-seven people have been arrested by police during a new operation against anarchists in Spain. Starting at 6 a.m. on March 30 2015, police actions in Madrid, Barcelona, Palencia and Granada led to the arrest of 13 people whom police allege belonged to a “criminal organization with terrorist aims”. In the course of raids on six social centres and 11 homes, 14 more people were arrested on charges of resisting the authorities.

In Madrid, raids were carried out on the self-managed social centre-squat “La Chimera”, which is located on Nelson Mandela square in the Lavapiés quarter, and in the social centre 13-14 in the Vallecas district. Three van-loads of police cordoned off the square where “La Chimera” is located. The police invaded the building, seized all computer equipment, and blocked access to the building. Also in Madrid, a home was raided and all the people there were arrested. The self-governing social centre-quat “La Redonda” reported that its building was also raided by police, who didn’t even bother to show a warrant.

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