Laura Flanders: Lucy Parsons – The Anarchist and Intersectional Feminist Who Inspired May Day

Lucy Parsons: The Anarchist and Intersectional Feminist Who Inspired May Day
Laura Flanders, CommonDreams, May 1, 2016

Workers shouldn’t strike and go out and starve, but strike and remain in, and take possession, said Lucy parsons. Lifelong partner of Albert parsons, one of the American Labor Leaders, most associated with the founding of the American May Day tradition.

Lucy Parsons was of Mexican American, African American, and Native American Descent. She was born into slavery and she was an intersectional thinker and activist a century before the term was coined.

Her work after emancipation led her directly into conflict with the Ku Klux Clan and into a lifelong partnership with radical typographer and organizer Albert Parsons.

Lucy never ceased advocating for racial, gender, and labor justice, all at once, and she’s part of the movement that won us the 8-hour day.

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