Lisa Insana: To be ungovernable: on the history and power of Black anarchism

Gal-Dem | October 25, 2022

For centuries, Black people have been fighting the systems that have always excluded them. It’s within these collective histories and current struggles that we see the rhythms of anarchism.

From the raging tempest of the pandemic to the battering nature of the Police and Crime Bill to the devouring tides of the cost of living crisis, the last two years have brought a flood of instability to the UK. These attacks on our everyday lives cannot be seen as woeful accidents, but rather as events within the ongoing cataclysm of capitalist control, domination and greed. 

As Black folks, we have consistently fought back against the pernicious marginalisation of our bodies. It is within our collective histories and current struggles that we can see the rhythms of anarchism appear. It is here that we can learn how to move forward.

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