Mutual Aid Disaster Relief: The Other Shore – Mutual Aid and Autonomous Infrastructure after Hurricane Ian

November 8, 2022

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida as a strong Category 4 storm. Ian caused a destructive 10- to 15-foot storm surge, trapping many people in the rising floodwaters across a wide geographic area. Winds rose to 155 mph, causing damage to tens of thousands of homes. Over 150 people lost their lives.

We mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living. 

We deployed the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief solar trailer alongside our friends at Streets of Paradise, thereby enabling us to provide sustainable off-grid power to communities without access to electricity. The solar trailer was often used in tandem with Streets of Paradise’s mobile shower and laundry trailer. When gas was similarly scarce, we brought in hundreds of gallons of gas to share directly with people. An autonomous supply line was also created, with cleaning, rebuilding, and baby supplies as well as other needed items winding their way from many hundreds of miles away to people impacted. 

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