Natasha Lennard: The End of Roe: Saving Abortion Rights Means Taking Them Into Our Own Hands

The relentless right and feckless Democrats brought us here. Now, preserving access to abortion will require breaking some laws.

The Intercept, May 3, 2022

For months now, if not years, front-line abortion providers and advocates for access have been writing about the fall of Roe v. Wade as a “when,” not an “if.” The end of Roe has already arrived in dozens of states where Republicans have forged a post-Roe reality by cutting off access to abortion and criminalizing its provision.

Yet the unprecedented leak Monday night of a Supreme Court draft opinion, signaling the final and unambiguous undoing of already weak constitutional abortion protections, curdles the blood even of those who saw it coming. More women and pregnant people will suffer and die; poor people of color will be affected in disproportionate numbers.

The blame lies squarely with the powerful Christian right, aided and abetted by cynical fascoid right-wingers, who have set their sights on pregnant peoples’ bodily autonomy for decades. They will not respond to our rage and protests. They will push on with their authoritarian agenda. Despite claims to states’ rights in the leaked opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, there is clear evidence that if Republicans retake Congress in November, they will seek to pass a federal abortion ban.

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