Praxis, Episode 1: Paul Messersmith-Glavin, Portland OR

October 5, 2020

“Host Taylor interviews Paul Messersmith-Glavin—anarchist, acupuncturist, parent, organizer—part of the collective running the Institute for Anarchist Studies which publishes the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, based out of Portland, Oregon. Discussion includes material from an August 2020 interview and from a July 2015 interview and covers a broad range of topics including anti-capitalist organizing to fight climate change, mobilizing against the far-right and violent police repression in Portland, raising anti-authoritarian kids, and more. 

This show is part of a series running through the end of 2020, new episodes published weekly, in which I revisit interviews taken during a radio show road trip in the summer of 2015—checking back in with those activists, organizers and artists I met to see how their lives and work have adapted to changing times.”

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