Rebecca Centeno and Alexei Wood: ‘No Existen Fronteras’: Following the Hard Road of Central America’s Refugee Caravan

On November 8, the two of us traveled with Strikecorps, a nonprofit workers’ movement from New York City, and other activists to livestream, record and provide media equipment to the refugee caravan in Mexico City.

After weeks of President Donald Trump demonizing the refugees as criminals and invaders, trying to thrill his base ahead of the November 6 election, we wanted to help these people tell their own stories. We wanted to show what was really happening with this exodus and why. Our video log of the journey is also available online.

Now, as teargas flew across the border into Tijuana last weekend, the United States is faced with humanitarian and existential crises as it decides how to greet these asylum seekers.
(NOTE: The names of the people we interviewed during our trek were changed to protect their identities, and all interviews were conducted in Spanish.)

Members of our crew left the hotel our first evening with the refugees and entered El Estadio Jesus Martinez Palillo, a stadium located in La Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhuca in Mexico City. Tents, clumped together in mini encampments, lined a narrow street leading to the stadium. The place was still bustling with people.

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