Refuse Fascism: An Open Letter a Call to Action From an anonymous anarchist

This letter is a call to action to all my comrades. The first call to action is to keep an open mind and get to know the people involved with Refuse Fascism. There has been some apprehension with people on the left to work with Refuse Fascism because of their affiliation with the Revolutionary Communist Party. People have often accused Refuse Fascism of being a “front group” for the RCP. I have found that this is not the case.

An organization creates a “front group” when they are trying to obfuscate their intentions and hide who they are. The RCP is very upfront about who they are and their affiliation with the Refuse Fascism Coalition and they openly share with others why they self-identify as Communists, what their beliefs are and what they’re working towards as Revolutionary Communists. They don’t care about what tendency you identify with on the left. They care about organizing to drive a fascist regime out of power.

As an Anarchist I’ve had many conversations with members of the RCP, and I have found that they value my opinion. We disagree on certain concepts such as a need for a socialist state in order to transition into a stateless society as opposed to the direct dismantling of nation states in order to form a society without them.

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