Stecco: Words from Anarchist Prisoner Stecco from Tolmezzo Prison in Italy

Anarchist comrade Stecco was arrested on February 19, 2019 in repressive operation ‘Renata,’ where seven anarchists were arrested (one of them was immediately put under house arrest) and accused according to articles 270bis (four of them) and 280 (all) of the penal code, plus related offences referring to direct actions that took place in the Trentino region over the past two years. In March, judges of the court of review decided that the charges that had been pressed initially were non-existent, dropping the aggravating circumstance of ‘terrorism.’ The imprisoned comrades were being held in AS2 units in the prisons of Ferrara, Tolmezzo and L’Aquila. All the anarchist comrades involved in operation ‘Renata’ are now under house arrest with all the restrictions. Only Stecco remains in prison due to previous sentences.

Words from Stecco from the prison of Tolmezzo

Dear comrades,

The time has come for me to say something about what happened in February.

Less than two months have passed since our arrest with operation ‘Renata’, and I can say that I’m calm and strong, as sure as ever that the struggle continues in spite of the blows inflicted by the State.

My arrest in Turin, in the vicinity of Corso Giulio, took place at around 5pm quite peacefully. As I was leaving the comrade I had been with, I noticed a typical plain clothes policeman in front of me at a tram stop; a few seconds later I found myself surrounded. I can say that all this happened in great tranquillity, and with annoying ‘kindness,’ I’d say, unlike the way my comrades in Trentino were treated.

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