The Hard Crackers Editors; Beth Henson: Launching Reproductive Freedom: A Series

Introduction: For Reproductive Freedom and Women’s Liberation

Hard Crackers | July 20, 2022

A short while ago, Hard Crackers sent an invitation to people who we knew had been active in various reproductive freedom projects over the last fifty years to help us think through the issues and challenges involved in developing an effective radical strategy to secure unrestricted access to abortion for all women. We were very pleased with the responses we received and will be posting them on a regular basis over the next two months. We would like to thank all those who have contributed.

 If we receive additional contributions, we will add them. We also welcome comments in response to all the posts. The text below has been slightly modified from the original invitation. 

An Invitation

 In light of the threat posed to all aspects of reproductive justice by the reversal of the Supreme Court’s Roe decision of 1973, Hard Crackers has invited individuals who have been activists in the abortion rights struggle in different periods over the last five decades to share their stories about their initial involvement in the struggle, the ways in which the legal and political contexts of the times shaped the activities they engaged in and the implications of previous moments of struggle for the battles that lie ahead. We’re especially interested in exploring the limits of litigation and lobbying that are focused on reforming, rather than repealing, abortion laws. While the great majority of participants will be from the United States, we hope there will also be several from other countries.

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