Yannick Giovanni Marshall: After this election, we should not come together

Black people would better spend their energy on international solidarity than on reconciliation with Trump supporters.

Al Jazeera, November 16, 2020

Again, millions of non-white people crouched over their mobile screens. We crouched just as earlier generations of Black people crouched below window panes, wondering if they managed to outrun conservative white mobs. Mobs that the popular media, then as now, apologised for and referred to as aggrieved.

Again, we peered into our screens as if they were a rural town’s night, watching for early signs of trouble. To see if the preferred candidate of the vehicle-ramming white nationalists had won or if we had been snatched to safety by the other one. The one who shoos us away from window-breaking and tells us to behave ourselves until we can be escorted peaceably back to the promised land of police reforms.

Millions of us waited on election results to see if we had, in fact, yet again, eked out a survival, jumping from the fire back into the frying pan. And now that it is over, now that Joe Biden has won, we are asked to unify with the shouting men and women still holding signs that the movement for our right to life is a communist conspiracy.

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