Antifa Gritty Stickers

Gritty is the mascot we’ve all been waiting for.

Gritty, originally from the radical city of Philly, now resides in the hearts of all who oppose fascism, racism and outright bigotry. And as the recent City of Philadelphia proclamation states, “It has been argued that he “conveys the absurdity and struggle of modern life under capitalism.”

Sticker packs available by donation in packs of 5 or 9 within the U.S., and packs of 5 internationally.

Quantity/shipping destination

These small packs of Antifa Gritty stickers are a fundraiser for Agency. While most of our work is done on a volunteer basis, we do have monthly costs covering our web presence and a stipend for our Project Coordinator. Sales of Gritty stickers will help us cover these monthly costs and ensure Agency continues to be a sustainable project. We deeply appreciate any support in continuing this important work, and the work of those on the ground and in the streets resisting the racist far-right.