Al Jazeera, “Antifa and America’s revamped Red Scare”

The far right has been shown to pose a far greater danger, so why are so many Americans afraid of anti-fascists?

Patrick Strickland, September 29, 2020

As the wildfires hit Molalla, Oregon, in early September, 29-year-old independent journalist Alissa Azar crouched in the weeds by the side of a gravel road. She angled her camera, searching for a shot that would include the people fleeing their homes, a fire warning sign, and the smoke rising up from the earth.

Then she heard voices. She looked up and saw three men. Although they were dressed casually, wearing t-shirts and jeans or shorts, they were armed. Two had their rifles trained on her and another had a firearm at his side, she said. They asked who she was and why she was in Molalla, a town 35 kilometres (22 miles) south of Portland and devastated by the wildfires sweeping across the state.

She explained she and two colleagues had come from Portland to document the fires, but the men did not seem to believe her. They repeated their questions, looking her up and down, she said, and demanded to know if she “knew about the looters and rioters” who had allegedly shown up in town.

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