AV Club, “Let these anarchists show you how to build cheap, DIY heaters for the homeless”

It’s almost as if these people are portrayed unfairly and inaccurately by certain news outlets…

By Andrew Paul, Feb 1, 2022

When they aren’t decrying Disney characters’ choice of workwear, certain “news” channel pundits love stoking fears against unseen anarchist hordes they swear lurk in the shadows of American society, just waiting for the chance to turn our youth into nonbinary Communists hellbent on livable wages and breathable air. In reality, there are quite fewer tried-and-true “anarchists” among us, and although many of them would probably be quite fine to see the next generation queer and healthy, they’re more concerned with localized mutual aid networks and actionable change.

Case in point: the HeaterBloc, a Portland-based organization dedicated to promoting these really nifty, low-cost DIY space heaters designed specifically for small spaces such as tents within our country’s skyrocketing houseless communities.

“The project wasn’t something new, it was developed over the years, in many different forms,” a representative told VICE in a recent write-up. “It starts off with an idea, then that idea is built upon. It evolves, it spreads, it takes on a life of its own. This year, we were just fortunate enough to settle on a safe and cost efficient design.”

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