The Arizona Republic, “What happened when the anarchists moved in”

What happened when the anarchists moved in
Brian Rinker, The Arizona Republic, August 6, 2015

Neighbors knew William Krist as a friendly guy, a “sweetheart” who liked to garden and give away fresh vegetables. His children knew him as a chain-smoking eccentric and a “mild hoarder,” but also as their dad, who loved the desert and his freedom. The anarchists knew him simply as Krazy Bill.

Krazy Bill had a long, scraggly, gray beard and an eye patch. People say he rarely went anywhere without a 9mm pistol stuffed in his front pocket and an American flag handkerchief to blow his nose with. He drove a burgundy 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, and passengers soon discovered he was prone to cut into traffic without looking, cars honking and screeching to a halt.

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