Boston Herald, “Rachelle Cohen: Robert E. joins Emma in history’s hall of shame”

But the pedestal we were looking at, my friend assured me, once held a statue of Emma Goldman. Ok, so what had this American anarchist done to deserve being thrown off her perch with the rest of them?

Well, yes, she was Russian-born and after getting arrested in the U.S. several times for her rabble rousing — she had at one point been labeled “the most dangerous woman in America” — had been deported back to Russia where she eventually became thoroughly disillusioned with communism as it was actually practiced.

She died in Toronto, but is buried back in the U.S. — in Illinois — in a cemetery plot thoughtfully reserved for old lefties and anarchists. A complex character, Goldman was sympathetically portrayed in the musical “Ragtime” and today has been rediscovered and revered as an early feminist.

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