Daily Mail, ” Anarchy on the streets of Brisbane,” October 27, 2014

Anarchy on the streets of Brisbane,
Nelson Groom, Mail Online, October 27, 2014

Protesters vow to ‘smash the G20’ summit next month with violent demonstrations, while police launch a special court for mass arrests

  • Local activist factions are planning violent protests
  • An activist medic team has launched to treat protesters on site
  • Police have planned a 24 hour special court in Brisbane
  • Experts believe notorious international groups such as Black Bloc could be mobilising for the event
  • G20 meetings have been met with large scale riots in the past

A number of online anarchist groups have emerged, threatening to hold violent protests before and during next month’s G20 summit in Brisbane.

The news comes as authorities announced plans for a 24-hour court to deal with the expected mass arrests.

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