Deadline, “Woody Harrelson On How He Differs From His ‘Triangle Of Sadness’ Character: “I’m Not A Marxist, I’m An Anarchist”; Actor Reteaming With Ruben Östlund For Next Pic – Cannes”

By Anthony D’Allesandro, May 22, 2022

Rolling applause, and lots of it, greeted Ruben Östlund and the cast of Triangle Of Sadness as they entered the Cannes press conference this morning.

Call it cathartic for a global audience that’s been mired too long by Covid, inflation, and the dreariness of the Ukraine war. Cannes is notorious for its somber, three year hour movies. However, Triangle of Sadness in its Farrelly Brothers-esque vomit and poop antics, provided a reason for the press corps here to laugh, and, boy, are they responding to it after last night’s crowd gave the pic one of this Cannes’ longest standing ovations.

The movie, which Östlund bills as his “end of Western Civilazation,” follows a fashion model and her model casting agent partner, played by Charlbi Dean and Harris Dickinson, who wind up on luxury yacht, the poorest of those setting sail, and are ultimately stranded on a deserted island. Woody Harrelson plays a Marxist captain who gets drunk with a Russian oligarch, reads from the Communist manifesto and sends his yacht into rough waters until the passengers crap and vomit.

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