Deadspin, “Jos Hermens Explains How He’s Going To Find A Sub Two-Hour Marathoner”

Here—apparently provoked by how today’s runners are motivated by money—Hermens veered into politics. Like many long-haired, anti-establishment, free love advocates of the 1960s, Hermens followed his dreams and says he didn’t care about money. He was an anarchist, in a good way—maybe a peaceful anarchist—and thought everyone should do what they want. He likes the ideals of socialism, but said socialism has never worked in practice because a few people in power got greedy and ruined it. Even though he now owns a business, makes money, and wears a suit, he doesn’t feel like a capitalist. “You can write, ‘Hermens, the humanist anarchist, says he will not force Sub2 down anyone’s throat.’ They can do it if they want to, or not. I personally am not in it for the money, although there may be a little bit of money to be made,” he said, gleefully raising his capitalist eyebrows. But then, more seriously, “This Sub2, it’s my dream.”

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