Eugene Weekly, “Banned Media: Anarchist and antifacist media groups are being taken down by Facebook”

Taylor Perse, August 27, 2020

Social media platforms are finally taking a step to fact check posts and remove pages that promote violence or white supremacy. But their guidelines for controlling content are blurred, and independent media is caught in the political crossfire.

Facebook is cracking down on right-wing conspiracy groups such as QAnon. The social media company is also removing leftist independent media outlets too, especially those who consider themselves anarchists or report on antifa. In response, an Oregon-based independent publisher, CrimethInc., and dozens of other platforms are now speaking out about the company’s lack of transparency and guidelines when it comes to removing pages.

Shane Burley is an Portland-based author and expert on anti-facist movements. He says this is likely happening because the Republican Party has moved further right. When Facebook silences QAnon groups, it also silences some Republicans. He explains that targeting anarchist and antifa media groups is their way of bringing balance.

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