Hungary Today, “Security Chief: Anarchists Are Helping Migrants Illegally Enter Hungary”

Citing information from the secret services, Hungarian Prime Minister’s chief security advisor has claimed that anarchist groups have appeared among migrants in certain areas and are assisting them in illegal attempts to cross the country’s border, including providing tools with which to cut through border security fences.

Speaking on Hungarian state television M1’s Saturday evening current affairs programme, György Bakondi also said that when fences are breached, for instance along the Greek-Macedonian border, there is always a large crowd of people at the location, but only a smaller proportion, usually some 200-300 people, are actually involved in breaking through the fence. The rest view the events from afar in the hope that if the rest succeed in breaching the fence, they will also have a chance to get through, he added.

The chief advisor stressed that the HungariangGovernment would not be coming to a decision on building a fence along the Hungarian-Romanian border at Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, only on reinforcing existing border security measures, primarily along the Hungarian-Serbian stretch of the border. The border with Romania will only be close if deemed necessary according to intelligence information, he said, adding that preparations for beginning construction of a new fence if so required had nevertheless been completed.

Mr. Bakondi also said there is nothing preventing the deployment of further soldiers and police at Hungary’s borders.

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