i newspaper, “How Russia’s anarchist saboteurs are destroying Putin’s war machine from within”

Rail tracks used to supply the Kremlin’s army have been wrecked and enlistment offices burnt by BOAK, the shadowy group of anarcho-communists

By Kieron Monks, August 5, 2022

On June 25, saboteurs struck a railway line 100km north-east of Moscow. They unscrewed bolts to detach the rails and then connected the broken rail with a cable to maintain the flow of power and prevent detection of the fault. The saboteurs left the initials of their group on the track, the Combat Organisation of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK).

The crime was discovered shortly after but BOAK expressed satisfaction on their Telegram page that the supply of equipment to a nearby military base had been disrupted. “Every stopped train means less shells and rockets to fly into peaceful Ukrainian cities,” they wrote. “We call on everyone to join the rail war!”

This was not BOAK’s only intervention. The group had previously claimed responsibility for another sabotage of a railway used for military transport, and an arson attack on a mobile phone tower in Belgorod close to the Ukrainian border. Saboteurs published co-ordinates of attack locations and photos and video from the scenes. Other actions have not been publicised.

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