IGD, “East Lansing: Michigan Confronts the Alt-Right”

On March 5th, hundreds converged in East Lansing to mobilize against Richard Spencer, a leader among Alt-Right, neo-Nazi, fascist, and white nationalist circles. Supported by a variety of Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups such as Patriot Front and the Traditionalist Worker Party, Spencer was scheduled to speak at 4:30 PM in a livestock pavilion surrounded by fields and a golf course, however did not actually begin speaking until around 5 PM, due to clashes outside the venue between neo-Nazis and antifascists.

Only around 30-40 neo-Nazis came onto the grounds; and fewer made it into where the speech was happening. In the lead up to the event, neo-Nazi organizers had expected to bring in around 100, making East Lansing another low turn out in a string of failures. But Monday was only the latest in a series of losses for the Alt-Right over the weekend. On March 4th for instance, a conference was supposed to be held in Detroit, but was quickly shut down after venue owners learned the truth about the organization behind it, as was a party set for after Spencer’s talk on Monday.

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