Independent, “Theio Tragi: The ‘anarchist’ restaurant reinventing Athens’ food scene”

Athens’ punk restaurant is exactly what Greece needs right now, says Anastasia Miari.

In an up and coming pocket of central Athens, 10 Greeks run a restaurant with a unique point of difference. Theio Tragi (Holy Goat), a short walk from the ruins of the Acropolis and the foundations of western democracy, is Athens’ first “anarchists’ restaurant”.

“Everyone, from the pot washer to the chefs and waiters is all on the same salary here,” explains Marko Marmatakis – one of three chefs cooking up haute cuisine for us tonight. “In my opinion, when someone works, it has the same value for everyone. It doesn’t matter what I do. Ok, maybe I can cut meat into hyper thin slices, but maybe someone else in the group can mix a cocktail better than I can. Everyone is just as valuable as the next person, so we are all paid exactly the same.”

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