Inverse, “New York Anarchists are Fighting to Get Neo-Nazi Videos Off of YouTube And they’re using technology to do it”

A small, pink-haired woman approaches a man leaving the giant glass doors of an office tower in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

“Hi, do you work for Google?” she says.

“Yes, I do,” he replies.

“We’re trying to get Google to take nazis off of YouTube,” she says. “YouTube is not enforcing its hate speech policy.”

She hands him a flyer, which he takes, smiling politely, before heading off to the next leg of his commute.

This is the polite tactic of the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, known as MACC, a New York City collective that seeks “to seed resistance to an emboldened right-wing through an alternative, radical form of participatory politics,” according to their website. On a windy spring evening, around ten MACC members have gathered in protest at YouTube’s New York offices, a building it shares with its parent company, Google.

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