LAist, “10 Things You May Not Know About Silver Lake”

It Had Once Housed The Headquarters Of A Mexican Anarchist Newsletter

Bring up the Mexican Revolution, and you might find people who recognize the names of Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, who captured the public’s imagination with their bravado. You’d be hard-pressed, however, to find someone who recalls Ricardo Flores Magón, who, while cut from a more quiet and intellectual cloth, is regarded as one of the catalysts of the movement. Magón, an anarchist, had co-founded in 1900 the radical Mexican Liberal Party (or Partido Liberal Mexicano), which sought to address the injustices of Porfirio Díaz’s regime. He’d also penned articles for Regeneración, an anarchist newspaper that was initially printed as the PLM’s publication arm. The newspaper openly criticized state officials, and thusly lead to the arrest (several times over) of Ricardo and his brother Enrique.

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