Monterey County Weekly, “Anarchist Beekeeping Collective builds a community of urban pollinators,” November 13, 2014

Anarchist Beekeeping Collective builds a community of urban pollinators
Alexandra Videmsky, Monterey County Weekly, November 13, 2014

Jake Reisdorf of Carmel is sectioning off a spot in his yard for his special project. He’s done his homework and made it into a fifth-grade project on entrepreneurship as well. It’s a bit risky, but his parents agreed to let him go for it.

Reisdorf is getting two beehives next spring. He’d rather start beekeeping right now, but it’s too late in the season, so he’s using the time to prepare.

“We can get so much while helping them,” the 11-year-old says, brown eyes lighting up with excitement.

The seed was planted when Reisdorf and his family met Dale Hillard at the Monterey County Fair. Hillard had set up a demonstration hive to show the basics of beekeeping, and Reisdorf buzzed around it.

Hillard is a member of the Anarchist Beekeeping Collective, an informal gathering of beekeepers from around the county.

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