MyLondon, “London anarchist magazine slammed for ‘celebrating the Queen’s death’ with ‘shock tactic’ head on a spike joke ‘to get attention'”

EXCLUSIVE: Piece comes before Queen Elizabeth II has even been laid to rest

By Josiah Mortimer, September 13, 2022

A London-based anarchist magazine has been criticised for looking to ‘get attention’ by celebrating the Queen’s death in an article which suggests she should have been executed. The piece, titled ‘Operation London Bridge’ – the codename for the logistical planning for the Queen’s death – was published in the magazine Freedom News, a paper that dates back to the 1860s and is now online.

Published anonymously on Sunday (September 11), it begins: “Whilst we rightly spend these days remembering how many people were brutally murdered under her sovereign command, spare a thought for those mourning the fact that they’ll never get to see Elizabeth’s head on top of a spike.”

The anonymous writer ‘jokes’ that many had ‘fantasised’ about the Queen’s death, announced last Thursday (September 8), saying: “Every union flag salesman (and I have checked, they’re all men) has been waiting for this moment [while] Wetherspoons is braced for a lull in profits as their core demographic goes into formal mourning.”

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