NewsHub, “Meet the anarchists assembling bikes to dismantle capitalism”

Amidst a climate of excess and over-consumption, Loop Groop is a sovereign island in a seemingly uncaring ocean of sociopathic enterprise.

It’s Carl Naus and Dylan Pyle’s way of staking their claim to the freedoms they believe should be afforded to all of us. Carl and Dylan are anarchists, and bicycles are unrestricted independence.

“The bicycle really epitomizes heaps of anarchist values,” Carl says during our interview in their DIY shed which is built with reclaimed timber salvaged from council dumps.

“You can fix it yourself, it’s free, and you don’t need to put gas in it.”

“You don’t need to register it,” Dylan adds.

Loop Groop is a not-for-profit bike co-op. It has a stockpile of used bike parts that you can use to assemble your own bike for koha, or repair an existing bike for little or no nominal cost.

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