RT, “​Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond slams US for ‘blatant hypocrisy’ over cyber ops,” February 4, 2015

​Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond slams US for ‘blatant hypocrisy’ over cyber ops
Russia Today, February 4, 2015

“A different kind of cyber-war is possible: Not one between nation-states but between the people and their governments. The internet’s natural state is anarchy and any attempts to militarize or corporatize it will be owned, exposed and driven offline anyway. I shed no tears when I hear about Sony, CENTCOM or police departments being hacked. In prison, we love hearing about all the bigshots getting hacked by guys like us. So keep on, true-to-the-code blackhats for great justice: instead of selling out your skills to the industry competing for federal contracts supporting US empire, actively undermine it by contributing anti-state solutions by developing encryption, anti-censorship and anonymity infrastructure. We’re cheering for you,” he writes.


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