San Francisco Chronicle, “Oakland baker who died after violent robbery donates organs”

By Annie Vainshtein, February 14, 2023

Nearly one week after an Oakland baker and activist was dragged to her death in a violent daylight robbery, a group of medical professionals were joined by her loved ones for a special ceremony marking what would be her final contribution to the world: her heart.

The owner of Angel Cakes, Jen Angel, spent three days on life support last week after a tragic encounter with robbers who smashed her car window in the parking lot of an Oakland Wells Fargo. As she ran after the speeding car, she was caught in the vehicle’s door and dragged. She died Thursday evening, and left behind a large community of devastated friends and a fiance.

On Monday evening, the group honored her commitment to giving back through organ donorship with an “Honor Walk” — a procession from her hospital room to the operating room that included the reading of a statement about Angel’s life, and a moment of silence.

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