The Canary, “Looking back in anger: Stuart Christie, anarchist revolutionary, author and publisher, 1946 – 2020”

Tom Coburg, August 18, 2020

Stuart Christie, who died on 15 August 2020, was an anarchist revolutionary, author and prolific publisher, famed for his role in a 1964 attempt to assassinate fascist dictator General Franco. He was accused of being a member of the revolutionary ‘group’, the Angry Brigade, but acquitted on all charges. He also co-founded the Anarchist Black Cross, which provided relief and other support to anarchist prisoners.

I knew Stuart via our mutual friend Albert Meltzer, also an anarchist activist and publisher.

An adventure in Spain

In his youth, Stuart was involved with the Committee of 100, which campaigned against nuclear weapons. He helped with “research and direct action projects such as locating and publicising secret government shelters and military installations around central Scotland”.

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