The Daily Dot, “Gritty formally welcomed by Philly city council. Also he’s Antifa”

Gritty, that wild-eyed troll doll that forced his way into Philadelphian’s hearts in late September, has been formally welcomed into the city through a resolution. The Philadelphia City Council issued the formal resolution on Thursday, marking the first time the city has ever so-honored a sports mascot.

We’ve all become familiar with Gritty in some sense, whether through watching him bumble his way through his NHL debut with the Flyers or from Philadelphians’ use of him to protest a visit from the president. Regardless of how you first heard of Gritty, this frizzy-haired monster has found his way on to your social media feed, and potentially, into your heart.

The last is certainly true for the citizens of Gritty’s city. Philadelphians, initially aghast and aggravated by the 7-foot-tall muppet of a mascot, changed their tune in no time and full heartedly embraced Gritty. There may have been a few lagging behind, but with the city’s resolution, that’s likely to change.

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