The Daily Dot, “How Philadelphia mobilized against the far-right”

With many in Pennsylvania still reeling from the aftermath of last month’s deadly synagogue shooting, the top minds of Philadelphia’s right-wing community—straight from the Facebook group “Sports Beer  &  Politics II”—felt it was the perfect time to hold a rally.
“We the people have been silenced for too long. It is far beyond time to make a stand and let our voices be heard,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Too many times our voices are drowned out by the voices on the left. We need to be louder, we need to be stronger. We will let them know that their violent tactics will not keep us down or scare us away! The Silent Majority must make a stand now!!! This is our time!! This is our day.”
It was a rallying cry to right-wing groups across the northeast, who called on supporters to travel to Philadelphia on Saturday.
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