The Guardian, “Dining across the divide: ‘I didn’t really know what an anarchist would be like. Now I know!’”

Can a socialist find common ground with someone who doesn’t believe in government?

By Sam Wollaston, March 10, 2022

Jose, 55, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Occupation Jose is not currently working

Voting record A Labour member who has voted for the party all her life

Amuse bouche Jose used to model. And worked as Stephen Hawking’s carer

Olly, 39, Cambridge

Occupation Artist, carer

Voting record Olly is an anarchist – he doesn’t vote because voting endorses the system

Amuse bouche He speaks Japanese fluently. And is learning to make tapestries

For starters

Olly She came in a wheelchair. I thought: this is going to be interesting. My dad, who I care for, is also in a wheelchair. I don’t like it when people jump out of the way or try to help – we talked about that. It was nice to have a chat with someone in a wheelchair who isn’t my dad.

Jose I think he was surprised I was in a wheelchair, and that I wasn’t white. He’s married to a Japanese woman so, you know, he’s not racist … He’s open to other cultures and ways of life.

Olly I had some pasta stuff – Italian obviously. And a fishcake as well … it wasn’t a fishcake, something vegan. It was a nice meal, cheers for that.

Jose I had scallops with pea puree and parsnips, then lamb cutlets with dauphinoise potatoes, then a sticky toffee pudding with white chocolate ice-cream. It was delicious.

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