The Guardian, “Paddington Green: inside the anti-terror HQ taken over by climate anarchists”

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front have occupied the closed police station to use as a base for week of action

For almost 50 years, Paddington Green police station in London was the nexus of the UK’s anti-terror policing operations. Its 16 high-security, subterranean cells have held IRA terrorists, Islamist would-be suicide bombers and prisoners returned from Guantánamo Bay.

But, in an extraordinary reversal, it is now anarchists from groups listed in controversial anti-terrorist guidance who hold the keys to its cell blocks. They have squatted the vast complex and intend to use it as a base for environmental protest.

“We’ve got a whole programme of events [planned for the squat]: workshops, skill shares, film screenings, music,” said one of the activists, who asked to be named as Foster. “Other groups are welcome to come and join us”

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