The Hamilton Spectator, “Anarchism is beautiful, even when it’s ugly”

Breaking windows on Locke was just as much about love as about protest, writes Trish Mills.

Anarchism is beautiful.

The most similar thing I’ve seen recently published in media along those lines came from a pastor. Unfortunately he also condemned the destruction on Locke Street while forgetting to include that Jesus whipped bankers and threw a mini riot of his own back in the day.

But yes; anarchism and the way it plays out in my life is beautiful. It’s not what media says it is; it’s not all black masks, smashing windows and “f” the police. Of course it is some “FTP” because we do hate hierarchical, dominant and abusive systems of control — but also it’s about supporting and building friendship and community. It’s about love — for each other and for what this world could be instead of what it is now, and fighting for that better thing.

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