The Jerusalem Post, “Violent May Day clashes break out in Paris against re-election of Macron”

A fire of burning trash is seen during the traditional May Day labour union march in Paris, France, May 1, 2022

An anarchist group named the Black Bloc tried to set up a barricade in a street near La Republique Square.

Reuters, May 1, 2022

Police fired tear gas to push back black-clad anarchists who ransacked business premises in Paris on Sunday during May Day protests against the policies of newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron.

Thousands of people joined May Day marches across France, calling for salary increases and for Macron to drop his plan to raise the retirement age.

Most were peaceful but violence broke out in the capital, where police arrested 45 people, including a woman who attacked a fireman trying to put out a fire, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told a news conference. Eight police officers were injured, Darmanin added.

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