The New Yorker, “Polarized Punks”

Material Support, a Filipino hardcore band from Queens, understands this concept very well. They recently released “Balikbayan Box Demo,” a four-track pack of charged-up anarchist screeds that bounce between English and Tagalog. On the demo’s centerpiece, “Manarchist, Brocialist,” the lead singer, Jackie, shrieks through a list of sociology buzzwords and hyper-leftist caricatures before speed-screaming the chorus: “Smash the patriarchy, transmisogyny, hetero, and homonormativity.” (The band claims more than one law-school grad.) The aesthetics surrounding the lyrics ground the message: fast-fisted snowy guitar, drums that build up to double and triple time, and six sneering deployments of the word “fuck.” It’s a bratty, brilliant vision of deep disaffection, from the song’s title to its taunting of “token inclusivity” and “cis dudes wearing flannel”—ultimately, an assertion that the left isn’t left enough.

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