The Washington Times, “Peeved anarchists accuse Trump of ‘scapegoating’ antifa, defend ‘militant unrest'”

Anarchist PR firm insists far-left activists are ‘not architects or primary actors’

by Valerie Richardson, June 2, 2020

Anarchists have accused President Trump of “demonizing” and “scapegoating” them by blaming far-left extremist groups such as antifa for the spread of mass U.S. rioting.

In a Monday press release from Agency, an anarchist “public-relations project,” spokesman scott crow, who does not use capital letters in his name, said anarchists are “not the architects or primary actors,” framing the unrest as a popular uprising driven by an “unjust system” and “police terror.”

“Blaming anarchists and antifa, with absolutely no evidence, is a way to make what’s happening seem fringe and marginal when these are popular uprisings,” said Mr. crow. “This is a time of mass outrage at an unjust system.”

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