UW Today, “Northwest ‘anarchist utopia’ explored in ‘Trying Home’,” October 1, 2014

Northwest ‘anarchist utopia’ explored in ‘Trying Home’
Peter Kelley, UW Today, October 1, 2014

Justin Wadland oversees media and visual resources for the UW Tacoma Library. He is the author of “Trying Home: The Rise and Fall of an Anarchist Utopia on Puget Sound,” published by Oregon State University Press. He answered a few questions about his book.

Q: What’s the concept behind this book, and how did it come about?

A: My book tells the story of the anarchist community that once existed in Home, Washington, around the turn of the 20th century. It recreates what it was like to live through the experiment from the perspective of the unique characters who were drawn to Home.


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