Wales Online, “‘The most dangerous man in Britain’ How notorious anarchist started out with hand-distributed leaflets in Swansea”

Life-long anarchist Ian Bone was given the label by a Sunday tabloid but for years had been involved in political agitation in Wales

Nino Williams, December 27, 2020

Patients at Singleton Hospital might not have realised “the most dangerous man in Britain” was visiting their wards.

Ian Bone, a hospital porter from Wiltshire, had been active in local politics for some time but at that stage he was just a former Swansea University politics student with a young family to provide for.

Years later, after a stint as a postman in Sketty, he would found anarchist paper Class War, which fought against the political status quo and led the Sunday People newspaper to bestow upon him the “most dangerous man” moniker before going on to describe “an evil man” with “a face like Himmler and a heart overflowing with hate”.

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