Washingtonian, “Meet the Guy Looking for a Roommate Who Wants to ‘Make Petworth Great Again'”

Would you under any circumstances live with “a damn commie”?

T: I actually have a fair number of Marxist, Anarchist, and Maoist friends. (See: American University). They’re smart, well-meaning, decent and fun people with whom I share a number of salient disagreements. I would live with any of them in a heartbeat. They are Marxists, Anarchists, and Maoists, and whatever the latest splitter school of leftism there is now that they have found their way into that I have mislabeled, for which I express my mostly sincere regret. A damn commie is someone who goes into a histrionic fit at the sight of a Make America Great Again hat, or the  glorious visage of Chris Wallace on a television screen. A damn commie defines themselves with baseless opposition to ideas based on the source, and rather than the content of the ideas. A damn commie is anathema to discourse, and frequently has little to contribute other than barely coherent screeching.

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